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Our Mandatory Commitment

We provide a second home for the children of hard working parents.
With affordable/ Competitive fees and a trustworthy staff.

About Us


My name is Patricia Sutton, better known as Auntie Paty to the kids.  I adore children. I was born and raised in Mexico City. I have always had two dreams for myself, to become a teacher and to travel the world. In a way I have done both. I went to college in Mexico for two years studying International Relations. However I could not finish because it was too expensive. I had to drop out but thankfully I was given the opportunity to become a flight attendant. I traveled with the airline for 9 year. During my travels I met my husband. I left the airline when I fell in love and got married. I have been married for 28 years, and now a
devoted mother of two young adults. My second dream became true when my children became teenagers. I was able to go back to school and became a qualified Early Childhood Development: Associate Teacher. I am trained and certified in first aid and CPR.


My Name is Melissa Silva, better known to the kids as Missy. I was born and raised in Pleasanton. I graduated from Amador Valley High School in 2010. I was given the opportunity to work at Auntie Paty’s Daycare in October 2010. After the first week I realized how much I loved kids. I love coming to work every day. I can’t see myself doing anything else. I am trained and certified in first aid and CPR.


Auntie Paty has been providing love and care for children of all ages, well establish since 1995 in Pleasanton. Being a devoted mother of two (now 25 and 21) I always wanted my two children to grow up in a big family, with brothers and sisters, so it was a perfect match of working parents and myself to get our children together and have a big happy family. I can help them and they can help me meeting all our needs. I started the daycare when my son was a month old, watching our next door neighbor’s daughter. When another neighbor asked me to watch their children as well, that’s when I applied for my license. Paty’s child
care started as a small, home child care for up to eight children.  Suddenly, our Childcare family started to grow. Two of the attending mothers became pregnant, and both of the mothers didn’t want to take their children out from under my care. We talked after hours to find a way for all the children to stay here. So Auntie Paty applied and was approved to become a large home child care for up to fourteen children with an assistant/helper. That was in 2004. From the first time that you walk through the front door, you and your child will become a part of our family.

Our Programs

Infant Care

Auntie Paty and her helper specialize in infants. Auntie Paty believes that the first sense an infant develops is the sense of smell. Infants are held until that “sense” level of comfort is achieved and they become comfortable with their new caregiver’s scent. From there we recognize the importance of all the other senses by singing, playing with flash cards, feeding, diapering.

Toddler Care

When your child is a toddler auntie Paty and the parents will talk after hours to discuss starting potty training. This is also the age for them to start exploring. We will provide simple stimulations such as, going for a daily walk (if weather permits) we will identify the seasons changing or the different animals we will see along the way and identify colors and

Silly Friday

Every Friday we enjoy ourselves by wearing our favorite costume or pajamas just to make it as casual Friday for our parents. If not time to dress up children could bring it and we’ll help them to change.

A Typical Day At Paty’s Daycare

We start our day with a welcoming smile and hug, giving your child comfort that last for the rest of the day. Once all our friends arrive the fun really starts. We will provide breakfast and when we fishes we have reading material, like Dora the Explorer and Sesame Street, to teach about sharing, manners, numbers, colors and other languages such as Spanish and Basic ASL. During the school year some of the older kids will be at to school while the others will stay with us to continue to play and learn. Once it warms up outside we will take a nice walk around the park ending at the playground. While we are walking we love to sing songs or tumble around on the grass. We will have a small snack before going to play. The children will also be able to play with chalk and bubbles at the park. Around lunch time we head back to the house to eat.  After washing our hands we will eat a well-balanced meal. For babies we ask you to provide your food of choice until they are about a year old.  After lunch we will either go back to the park or play at the yard. When we’re tired, younger kids will take a nap, while some of the older kids will have a quiet reading time or if school age will work on homework with Help from Auntie Paty or, her helper. After nap time kids will play out front while we wait for mom and dad to pick them up while enjoying their second snack of the day.

Summer Activities

During the summer, we will take field trips to local libraries, the local movie theaters, all Pleasanton/Dublin/San Ramon parks, Pleasanton Aquatic Center or Jelly Bean Factory. We will provide learning material for their current school year to reinforce what they learned, using reading materials and/or help with computer learning games, without the
pressure of homework.

Rainy Season

The children will play computer games selected for hand-eye coordination and word recognition, other actives include; musical chairs, music and movement coordination, dramatic play for dress up in costumes and occasionally movies on Fridays while waiting for mom and dad.